How you say something matters
as much as what you say

How you say something matters
as much as what you say

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A great presentation makes your audience remember
because it makes them feel something
– excited, intrigued, engaged –
anything but a passive member of an audience

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top design and communications agencies – specialising in one-to-one and one to many communications. We understand how you say something is just as important as what you say. For clients who need more personal communications, to showcase a product launch or launch a new service – we offer a bespoke presentation service.

Our Approach

2D, 3D and Digital Presentations

Presentations with impact. Presentations that don’t just tell people what you need to tell them, but have the audience demand you tell them more. Presentations that work. From sales presentations with crisp, boldly designed, benefit-laden collateral to multi-media presentations that keep the audience engaged from the moment the spotlight shines on you, The Creative Mill ensures your audience remembers you, your presentation and your promise.

Pitch and Tender Presentations

The Creative Mill understand the power of first impressions and will create a presentation that summarises your unique difference, showcases your superiority and brings your whole story together in a compelling, engaging and inspiring way. From pdf presentations to large format printed, and boxed presentations, however big an impression you need to make, The Creative Mill is here to help.

Presentation Expertise

The designers and production experts at The Creative Mill will work with you to work through your exact needs. They’ll then create a timeline to help your content experts and subject matter experts know what they need to do by when in order to ensure your presentation can showcase why your offer has to go to the top of the pile.

Presentations That Engage An Audience

The designers at The Creative Mill understand the importance of impact. And have years of experience creating presentations which tell the story of your product, your service or your announcement, one impactful slide at a time, one engaging, memorable point after another. Presentations which get you from first base to a warm lead.

People buy the salesperson, not the product. Your presentation says as much about you as what you have to offer. Present yourself and your product beautifully.

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Why do I need a designed presentation?
A carefully considered and designed presentation helps you make the best first impression you can make. The experts at The Creative Mill will work with you to understand the key points you need to make, the purpose of the presentation and how you’ll be presenting, to help you and your offer be the star of the show. Our presentation designers have the expertise and experience to create a presentation that helps you make an impactful, memorable, relevant presentation – showcasing your product, your brand or your service in the best possible light.
Can you design it so I can fill it in?
The presentation designers at The Creative Mill can create presentations that can be adjusted and re-purposed for different audiences or different products or different seasons. We regularly create presentation templates in PowerPoint and Google Slides so they can be shared and used throughout your business for consistency. We can create the master presentation or simply provide a design framework that allows you and your team to fill in content as needed, while still ensuring the best possible impression.
What types of presentation work best?
It depends on the audience. Sometimes a delightfully designed sales presenter, as a prompt for your sales team, works best in an intimate situation (one-on-one), whereas a large format, multi-media slide presentation with embedded video, can help you make a lasting and memorable impression to larger audiences. It all depends on your audience and your need – which is why the presentation designs and production managers work with you to understand the purpose and requirements of the presentation before we start developing any designed pieces.
Is pdf the best form of presentation?
Sometimes. Yes. No. Not always. Pdf presentations can make a magnificent impression, especially when thoughtfully considered and beautifully executed. And, while pdf presentations are personal – allowing individuals to turn the pages and luxuriate in the promises you need them to remember, by designing key images and key pages for the pdf, our designers at The Creative Mill can create the foundation for projected presentations which help you look polished, professional and be preferred.
Do I need presentation hand-outs?
Not always. But it helps. By understanding the purpose of the presentation, and what you hope to achieve as a result, or designers and presentation experts can recommend, ideate and create a whole spectrum of collateral which helps get the audience engaged pre-presentation, keep them engaged and interested throughout the presentation and maintain their interest and inspire their continued involvement post-presentation.
Do presentation designs have to be ‘on brand”?
As brand and design specialists we have to say “Yes”. Your presentation is one step in the buyer journey. For some, in pitch presentations for instance, it is a huge step. For others, in sales conversations, it can be a small but critical memory aid. In every case, the audience has to be able to connect what you’re saying, what promises you’re making, to the central promise of the brand. And the easiest way to do this is through on-brand designs and visual cues.