Packaging Design

Distinct. Differentiated. Desirable.
Packaging that gets noticed
and bought.

Distinct. Differentiated. Desirable.
Packaging that gets noticed
and bought.

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Carefully considered, creatively designed,
beautifully executed packaging entices
customers to reach for your product
as soon as they see it.

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top packaging design businesses. We understand just how specialised great packaging is, and how to deliver it for our clients. From new product launches to brand refreshes to brand and packaging evolutions, The Creative Mill will deliver distinct, differentiated, desirable packaging solutions.

Our Approach

First Impressions Matter

First impressions are the only impressions that matter. Whether it’s clothing, food or a brand-new innovation, the wrapping is what customers will experience first. Your packaging says it all. We take pride in understanding the challenges and creating solutions that make an impression and help your brand stand out from the rest.

Creative Packaging Designs

Ensure you products are noticed with unique packaging design Our team captures the vibe of your brand and products in a way that amplifies the promise of the contents. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury packs or accessible, affordable impressions, let The Creative Mill help you be the stand-out choice.

Memorable Packaging

Lingering in the minds of consumers is every brand’s dream. With finesse and skill, our team will find ways to put your label front and centre through thoughtfully crafted creations that people want to keep. From stunning boxes to multi-purpose bags, the way to keep consumers coming back hinges on balancing art with practicality.

Packaging That Adds Value

We make the right impression by considering:
● How your customers interact with each element of the packaging
● Making all aspects user-friendly
● Choosing materials, textures and styles that reflect your branding
● Securing fragile pieces so they arrive safely
● Factoring sustainability into the picture wherever possible

Whether you need creative packaging designs or high-end minimalist textural touches, make your first impression count.

Get creative with packaging design. Call us, today.


How long does it take to design packaging?
It depends. There are existing packaging and container designs available which our packaging designers have a great depth of experience in. In these instances, because there is little or no need to test the designs on a new container or pack, the design will fit onto the pack. For bespoke or unique packs, the design will need to be tested first, and perhaps tweaked or adjusted, which can add time to the final production.

Do I need brand guidelines for packaging?
Usually brand guidelines help make the process shorter as the designer knows where they’re not allowed to explore when designing the packaging. You do not need brand guidelines if you are creating a one-off pack or you have a new product with a short deadline you need to get to market. Please note, once the packaging is seen and accepted by the public, changing the pack risks changing the return.
Does food packaging need special packs?
Yes. Absolutely. Not simply because it keeps the food fresh and safe, but because it adds a level of trust to your audience. And the different types of packaging have different types of production challenges – to ensure colours don’t run of some plastics or papers and to maintain design integrity through handling. The food packaging experts at The Creative Mill have worked with all the different types of food packaging and understand the challenges of making sure your design stays as fresh and vibrant.
Can you recreate other packaging designs?
The designers at The Creative Mill have a wealth of experience and expertise in all packaging challenges and can recreate existing packaging designs. If you wish to recreate an existing design you use, but have lost access to the existing design templates, or you wish to recreate an historical design for use on modern packaging as an homage or a special edition, just ask. Our print and production managers will work with you to understand the design challenge and create the packaging you need.
How much more does creative packaging cost?
If you have a new type of pack, a bottle in a special shape or a presentation box you want created for a small audience you want to make the biggest possible impact with, our packaging designers will leap at your challenge. It can cost a little more, but, in most cases, the production costs will be more than offset by the impact your product can then make on the shelf. So, while it can cost a little more to stand out from the competition, the cost of standing out is often recouped by the reduced need to make as big a splash in advertising.
Does packaging cost more in Sydney?
Not always. It is possible to find less expensive design agencies in other parts of New South Wales, but most good design agencies will charge similar amounts. And, the benefit of working with a Sydney packaging designer is the convenience. It’s easier for them to come to you, faster, or for you to escape to their studio to go over designs, design alterations and packaging thoughts. The only important rules are to find a designer who does work you like, and who you like working with.