Financial Services

Great design builds trust
at first sight

Great design builds trust
at first sight

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Great design is simple, but significant.
Our aim is to create a seamless extension
of your brand, that connects and resonates
with your audience.

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top financial services branding agencies. We have a wealth of experience creating and developing investor communications that drive long-term conversations. Our branding experts understand the importance of creating high-value assets that support investment and financial communications for existing shareholders, potential investors, internal management, and more.

Our Approach

Financial Design That Builds Trust

Whether you’re a bank or a broker, sharing information with well-formatted, beautiful design goes a long way towards fostering positive relationships and building trust with the people you serve. The design experts at the Creative Mill understand what you need and, more importantly, how to bring it to life.

Financial Design That Inspires Connections

Carving a clear path towards distinctiveness and excellence, we inspire positive connections between corporations and customers through great marketing. Once we’ve pin-pointed what it is you’re seeking to showcase, the ideas come flowing in and become impactful graphics to engage with your customers.

Financial Design That Matches Your Needs

We take financial services design seriously, but always have room to frame them in the most interesting light. Using our marketing know-how, we target mass and niche audiences with well-honed design and brand skills that raise awareness and get responses.

Financial Services Design That Works

Reaching existing and prospective customers with content is key to helping them understand value. To help you secure long-term, fruitful partnerships, we can:
● Generate your unique look and colour scheme
● Design corporate communications for internal and external use
● Visualise figures with appealing infographics
● Create eye-catching reports that are asking to be read
● Craft well-made explainer videos that communicate the worth of your work

Serious ventures need seriously good design. If you’re looking for a distinct look for a distinct advantage in the financial services market, call The Creative Mill today.

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Do you work to existing brand guidelines?
Yes. The Creative Mill is often asked to work with existing brand guidelines for financial services clients – including banks and insurance providers – to complement their existing communications or marketing and brand agency. We are happy work directly with you on a project or work with you and your agency, depending on what you require and how you would prefer to operate. Our designers also have the experience and professionalism to deliver high quality work that pushes brand guidelines – remaining true to the brand but providing extra impact for one-off projects.
Do financial services need different design skills?
Financial services businesses and organisations run the gamut from highly corporate organisations who demand a sense of prestige and tradition to digital, cutting edge fintech operations who need to stand out with a light-hearted touch and bold, simple, engaging designs. These require experienced design skills, the ability to understand the needs of the financial services organisation and the demands of the audience, then connect the audience with the product through clear communications and relevant, appropriate, engaging designs.
Can you work with current financial services agencies?
Yes. The designers and financial services marketing specialists at The Creative Mill are often asked to work in collaboration with existing advertising or communications agencies and consultants to bring a brand to life. We are happy to work as a design function within a larger team or to take the design lead on a project, coordinating with an executive team to ensure the promise and the brand message are presented and showcased in the most appropriate way.
Can you work with in-house financial services departments?
Yes, we can and yes, we do. With many financial services clients choosing to bring their marketing functions in-house, there is an increasing need for specialist design skills to be outsourced. The Creative Mill understands the challenge of creating on-brand designs while ensuring probity and the protection of intellectual property. If you’d like a private chat about how we can provide high-quality design solutions within an existing brand framework, please contact us.
Can you create designs for insurance services?
Yes. From fast turnaround, one-off presentations for sales teams to setting design and brand foundations for a brand refresh or for clients establishing a new product line and wanting a fresh perspective on brand look and feel. The design professionals at The Creative Mill also have experience working with in-house business and department leads to refresh the internal look and feel of a corporate environment to help bring a brand or a brand promise to life.
Can you do design work for separate departments inside banks?
Yes. Our financial services specialists understand how important it is to feel comfortable with the design capabilities of an agency and the power of personal connection between the department and the design team. We are happy to work on small projects to help build capability within a department – to help you meet important deadlines or to consider different perspectives on an important project – or use our financial services marketing and brand management expertise to help you and your team create an on-brand design or communication campaign that truly reflects the unique offer and advantages of your service.