Great design is the best first impression you can make.

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From accountable digital design to packaging that makes your bottom line look good too, The Creative Mill specialises in design and visual communications that get your brand noticed.

Design is, often, the face of your brand. How your brand looks, how your customer sees your products and services for the first time and for the fiftieth time depends on the quality of your design. The Creative Mill believes a well-constructed design foundation helps your brand make the impact you need in every channel.

Reuters 2014

Research has found that 82% of
key stakeholders in a brand, including
investors, want the companies they invest
in to have a strong brand.

The Creative Mill is a full service below-the-line creative studio that believes in the power of good design. We can help you build a unique brand voice from the ground up, or bring to life the vision you already have. These ideas are backed by our focus on your project goals and genuine commercial reality. We love getting creative but we understand it has to inform, influence, motivate or sell. We love what we do – it’s that simple – and we surround ourselves with a network of industry people that share the same passion and enthusiasm for their craft. We’re not big on compromise or marketing jargon – instead we make things simple, clear and don’t overcomplicate.


Is design the best way to brand a product?
Design and brand often work hand in hand. The philosophical principles of the brand are important. As is the rational planning which helps define your communications and engagement strategy. But design breathes life and interest and excitement into your brand. Design is what customers remember – how a brand looks and how it makes them feel. It’s the best first impression you can make and a great way to get a great second impression, when done right. From Financial Services to Property, to Retail to Mining to Government presentations, if you need to be noticed, to be bought, you need great design.
How much does good design cost?
It needn’t cost a fortune, but it will cost. Any good design firm will understand the commercial value of great design, the power of getting noticed, the engagement of a perfectly positioned visual promise – and will be able to help you understand why you should be prepared to see it as an investment, not a cost. It will depend on the scope of the project – whether you have a one-off project or have a complex, long-term, hierarchical design need. Start with a no obligation chat with the design experts at The Creative Mill. Let them know what you need, and they’ll be able to provide a ballpark for starters.
How do I get the best bang for my design buck?
Ensure your design gives you impact across all communications channels and customer touchpoints. The Creative Mill’s design team will work with you to understand which channels you need to use to most effectively engage the best potential audience and then develop the design foundations which can then be used across any B2B, B2C, B2G communications, across all media, allowing your communications to seamlessly link and effectively engage your best audience.
Does video need the same brand guidelines?
Yes. Especially when you consider the power of video and motion design and communication. Video and motion gets noticed. It’s ten times more engaging and a highly effective way to convert potential customers into real sales. By ensuring your video piece supports and enhances the brand assets and core design and visual aspects of your brand, the more effective it will be at bringing people to your brand, both through the video (for existing customers) and through other channels (for interested potential customers).
Can a one-off design project successfully brand a business?
Yes. It depends on the audience and the impact you choose to make. But a well-constructed, well-executed presentation or branded experience can launch a brand, re-position a brand, or provide a largely invisible brand with a new, fresh and revitalised market presence. Our design strategists, and our design studio, will work with you to ensure every aspect of your project has the attention to detail you need for your project to add provable, lasting value to your brand.
What industries do you have design experience in?
With over 20 years in design and brand communications, The Creative Mill has experience across all industries and sectors. This covers specialised design and communications in B2B, Financial Services, Property, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Homewares, Alcohol, Luxury Goods, Service Industries, including hospitality and travel, and are able to offer individual design services for Government, C-Suite and Board level projects.

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