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It’s about being seen and heard for the right reasons in business

It’s about being seen and heard for the right reasons in business

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Business-to-business marketing is marketing that gets warm leads, fast.
For design, advertising and communications that fill your funnel faster, call The Creative Mill today.

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top B2B design and communications agencies. We understand the need to get attention, fill the funnel, convert interest to meaningful engagement and deliver warm leads to your sales team. Whether you need a B2B campaign to launch a new product, a website refresh or a design rethink to help you make a great first impression, The Creative Mill can help.

Our Approach

B2B website design

Your website is your critical link between your prospect and your sales team. It needs to effectively capture any interested visitors (from your outbound campaigns), engage them and convert them into interested leads. You need a seamless experience from campaign to sales and, for this, you need design consistency. For that, you need The Creative Mill.

B2B advertising

The front line of your awareness campaign has to cut through and make the best impact possible. Our designers and B2B communications experts will work with you to distil your core promise into a single-minded simple, engaging, compelling campaign that allows you to showcase why your offer is the offer your customer needs.

B2B creative

Distinctiveness and differentiation matter more with B2B campaigns. If you need a presentation, a website or a campaign that stands out from the competition and highlights the benefits you have in a memorable, engaging way, whether that’s winning design, simple language that motivates, or just a prompt to call your sales team, call now.

B2B expertise

The Creative Mill has the experience you need to make a difference. To stand out from the noise and chaos of the market and help your B2B clients notice you, remember you, and engage with your communications, your site, your advertising or your sales team, call now.

Design acts as the bridge across different sectors, disciplines and industries.

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What is B2B Design?
B2B design is design that supports your B2B marketing plans. Just as B2B marketing tends to have more direct accountability, pushing the customer towards a sales team rather than an online sale, B2B design provides a design framework which allows the inclusion and creation of B2B-specific messages. As an example, for many business-to-consumer designs, there is a need to create designs which support messages which enhance spontaneous purchase at point of sale, where business-to-business design recognises its role in a longer, more considered sales cycle.
Why does good design matter in B2B?
As with any commercial product or service, the presentation is as important as the engineering when considering the emotional and physical function of a product or service. Great design, especially when it comes to the promotion or presentation of a high-value product, adds value because it shows a level of care and consideration through all aspects of the sales cycle. The psychology of the way people buy – an assumption bias – suggests if the business is prepared to consider the detail of the communication, that same level of detail must be present throughout the manufacture or development of the product or service.
How is B2B different?
B2B marketing is different because the B2B sales cycle is different. The B2B sales funnel uses different channels to gain attention, has different levels of involvement throughout the sales funnel and delivers, in most cases, the prospect to the sales team (who sit at the pointy-end of the funnel). B2B marketing and, as a result, all B2B communications, advertising and design needs to prime potential customers in different ways.
Do I need a B2B marketing specialist?
Yes. Yes, you do. Someone who understands the nuances of B2B marketing and how each part of the marketing and communications mix needs to tie together to drive prospects through the funnel. The specialists at The Creative Mill have the experience and expertise to help you balance the need for raising awareness and delivering a sale – and create a coherent and differentiated message and campaign to make a difference to your marketing and your bottom line.
Should my B2B and B2C collateral match?
Yes and no. If you have B2B and B2C components to your sales and marketing challenge, you’ll save money, time and frustration, in the short and long term, by coordinating a consistent and coherent design framework. Everything you produce should, ideally, look like they’ve come from the same place. So the benefits the customer draws from one piece of collateral confer a positive impression on a different piece of collateral, or packaging or communication.
Does B2B need creative design?
Yes. The brand represents the product and helps create a positive impression and assumed value before the prospect gets more involved later in their path to purchase. A B2B creative agency – like The Creative Mill in Sydney – develops designs that will make it easier to become famous and familiar. Familiarity makes it easier for the salespeople to do their job. And “creative” doesn’t have to mean “wacky”. Creative design is simply a way of ensuring the distinctiveness of the brand. Ensuring the brand is noticed and considered in a positive way before the prospect engages with any other component of your marketing mix.