Motion & Video

Nothing captures a human’s
attention like colour and movement

Nothing captures a human’s
attention like colour and movement

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In the age of visual storytelling, video and animation have emerged as powerful tools to captivate audiences, convey messages, and breathe life into your brand.

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top motion design and video design agencies. From simple explainer videos for websites, to carefully scripted corporate showreels – we produce impactful videos that engage and educate audiences, clarify processes, key ideas and concepts, and leverage brand interaction. The Creative Mill’s video and motion design team can help your brand be seen, noticed and considered.

Our Approach

Video design that works

Communicate key ideas in an efficient and engaging way with motion, animation and video. From bite-sized content and how-to guides to company showreels, we work with businesses to distil the complex in a shareable, attention-grabbing format.

Video format

As your motion and design partner, we’ll work with you to determine the best output for your message, aligned with your communication strategy. Think your 20-slide presentation could be condensed into an engaging video instead? Let us capture your key points and provide you with a sleek visualisation to help tell your brand story.

Compelling content

When templates and stock imagery simply won’t do, take control of your content and concepts with assets created specifically for your business. Demonstrate your point in a way that’s contextual to your audience and provide high-quality outputs suitable (and viewable) for a range of platforms.

Showreels and hypereels

Some messages are best told visually. From instructional videos to staff training and end-of-year highlights, we’ll capture valuable information efficiently using design and animation. Build brand awareness with targeted visual communication that lands.

Start mapping out your company journey with thoughtful, intentional design.

Love the idea of leveraging your brand and company through video?


Can I get a showreel created?
Yes. If you need a showreel to highlight what your business does, to add extra buzz to a sales presentation or to provide a highlights reel for and end-of-year celebration, The video designers and editors at The Creative Mill can help. From hype reels to provide excitement and impact for product launches to web-based videos to add a little extra engagement to your website (and provide engaging, involving and effective social media snippets for your outbound marketing.)
How effective are explainer videos?
Video is ten times more effective at attracting attention, engaging audiences and creating the memorable messages you need to help turn attention into sales. These can range from simple face-to-camera videos which help customers put a human face to a business or add a little simple human interaction to a how-to video to animated videos which provide an easy way to explain highly complex issues or challenges.
Does animation cost extra for video?
Animation is a highly effective way to get your video noticed. And the cost depends on the style of animation, and how long the video is. Animation techniques and technology have come a long way in the last 20 years and, in many cases, a simple animation can often cost less than face-to-camera presentations. With the technology available at The Creative Mill, and the experience of our animation experts and video designers, we can price your video before you need to take another step. Please call us for a quote.
How quickly can I get a corporate video?
In most cases we ask for a month, or more, to ensure you get the quality of images, script and end product you need to truly reflect the professionalism of your organisation. Corporate videos can be done faster, and our video production team will work with you to ensure the best results however quickly you need to turn around your corporate explainer. Should you wish to add animation, motion design or added effects, you will need to allow time for these. In most cases, any extra pieces of motion or animation can be completed while the filming of the base video is completed.
Do storyboards cost extra?
In most cases, no. A simple storyboard will be produced to help bring the script to life and help you take your stakeholders through the idea – allowing them to see where in the video the most critical communications fall and how they will be brought to life. If you wish to create a more polished storyboard for presentation at Board or Executive level, this will cost extra. These more polished storyboards can even be put to video to aid comprehension.
Can I get a script created?
Yes. The Creative Mill offers a full-service video production capability including script writing and editing. Our writers will work with our designers and videographers to ensure the ideas you need to communicate are clearly stated and beautifully brought to life. Whether you’re looking for a script to bring a video to life, or have commissioned some video motion design and want to emphasise key points with carefully chosen words, we’re here to help you shape your video vision.