B2C Marketing

If you’re not in business to sell,
you’re not in business

If you’re not in business to sell,
you’re not in business

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At The Creative Mill we believe in advertising,
marketing, communications and design that sells.
Accountable, memorable marketing that works.
And keeps working.

Marketing is about selling. Selling now. And preparing to be bought in the future. The short-term gain and the long-term aim. Together. In everything we do, The Creative Mill ensures we’re talking to people who want to buy, engaging consumers, converting consumers, to make sure your campaigns work. And keep working.

Our approach

Through the line

These days there is no line. Your marketing either works or it doesn’t. It either sells or it doesn’t. It either gets noticed or it wastes your money. It either engages or it fails. At The Creative Mill we work to ensure every aspect of your marketing campaign works, and works with every other part for maximum impact and accountability.


Your communications campaigns need to look like they come from you but need to make a fresh impression – to feel familiar, but like they’ve been discovered for the first time. So, the consumer can go from social post to digital banner to poster to website to sale and know, at each step, they’re with you all the way.


From one-off placements to integrated multi-channel campaigns, the advertising specialists at The Creative Mill will work with you to understand your challenge, your promise and your expectations, and lay out a plan to help you get the results you need and help build the reputation you deserve.

Strategic design

Design that works. Design that sells. Design that combines and unites every aspect of your marketing. Design that ensures you make an impact every time you go to market. Design that ensures your customers know who the message is from, wherever they see it. Design that works. That’s what we do.

The Creative Mill has a simple promise to clients. We create creative communications, design and advertising that sells. Find out how. Call now.

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Do I need a design agency or a communications agency?
Chances are you need both. You certainly need design and communications that work hand in glove. Design that amplifies the communications message. Communications that leverages the design to create memory hooks which help consumers discover and rediscover your brand and the benefits of your brand, over and over again.
Do I need one-off designs for my product launch?
If you’re launching a new brand, you need unique designs. If you’re launching a new product that’s part of an existing brand, you’ll need unique aspects to the design, but the design will need to amplify the benefits of the core brand while carving out its own space in the hearts and minds of your consumers and potential customers. Whether you need to develop one-off B2C advertising campaigns or communications campaigns that can last and remain relevant in market for the long-term, the specialists at The Creative Mill can help.
Is brand design worth the investment?
Only if you want to make money from your product. Good brand design helps the customer immediately understand the innate benefits of the product or service and helps build expectation and excitement for that product or service. Whether that’s through advertising or product and packaging design or branded experiences like a launch or a sales station or internal presentations which need to engage the board and the be reconfigured to sell a new idea or new service to your team – consistent, coherent, distinct, differentiated, relevant and impactful design matter.
How is B2C design different?
B2C design can simply be called design. But, as with any component of the marketing mix, the idea behind the development of the design must match the need of the business. For this reason, calling it B2C design helps differentiate the end need from, say, B2B design – which has a different sales intent – or business-to-government campaigns which often need to communicate on behalf of the customer, rather than to the customer directly. The design specialists at The Creative Mill understand this and work with you to understand the end need, and the competition, to ensure your design gets seen, noticed and chosen.
What ROI can I expect from my communications campaign?
No one can know. No one can guarantee exact numbers. But a good communication agency, like The Creative Mill, must be able to show how the different aspects of the campaign work together to drive your customers to your bottom line. Each part of the campaign must earn its place, and each person involved in bringing your campaign to life must understand how the different pieces of your particular puzzle fit. Return on your marketing and advertising investment will then depend on spend, targeting, channel selection, uniqueness, timing and frequency.
Where does design fit in B2C marketing
Good design brings good marketing to life. It helps customers identify the benefit of the product or service – sometimes in direct ways and sometimes in implied ways – working with the different components of the design to bring out a positive emotional response to the product and to the brand. Design is the visual signpost that helps build trust, drive engagement and create desire for your offer. If you’re in Sydney, and looking for a design agency that knows how design helps makes brands better, call The Creative Mill, today.