Great design begins with an even better story

Great design begins with an even better story

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The first rule of communication is to be noticed.
Great creative branding gets you noticed,
considered and remembered,
wherever and whenever anyone sees you.

The Creative Mill is one of Sydney’s top creative branding agencies. From creative design to brand identity, we take the time to understand your challenge, identify your branding DNA, and bring your best promise to life. We develop an aligned brand identity, then look for branding ideas which will make you noticed, considered, and famous.

Our Approach

Design that gets you seen

The Creative Mill are experts in creating images for people who need to be noticed for the right reasons. Noticed. Considered. Tempted. Enchanted. And bought. Our job is simple – to create the image that will help make your brand famous. And the first step is to make sure you’re seen by the right people, for the right reasons.

Design that gets you bought

Effective design is a core component of effective branding and the first step the customer takes in the strategic path to your bottom line. We consider what your branding needs to say about you, and how you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors – to ensure you’re differentiated and distinct – and create the design strategy from the ground up.

Design that makes you unique

With a world of expertise and a dash of something more, our team will draw out the essence of what you’re seeking to share, and distill it into tailored, unique design that reflects your purpose and big-picture ideas. We create the brand image you need – and ensure you can use it across every branding channel, digital, print, broadcast, web, whatever and wherever you need it.

Strategic brand design

At the Mill, we:
● Dive into the core of your business
● Thoroughly investigate your audience
● Compare your competitive set
● Crystalise your position and purpose
● Develop design strategies that reveal your core promise
● Showcase the message you need

We think one step ahead to get the perfect inspiration to offer simple and outstanding solutions for your needs. Ready to discuss your branding project?

Ready to discuss your branding project?


What’s the difference between branding and design?
Design brings a brand to life. Branding is the process of ensuring your customer knows who is bringing them this product or service or offer. The branding experts at The Creative Mill can help you gain the attention of your best audience with brand names, sub-brands, brand designs, logos and brand communications. Our design specialists ensure your brand looks its best wherever it’s seen.
How much is good brand design?
Brand design doesn’t have to cost the earth. Good brand design, in Sydney, varies depending on the designer, the agency, the complexity of the design and the long-term needs of your business. For instance, you might just want a logo now, but down the track will need product and packaging designs, collateral and brand extensions. Each of these can add cost. However, by ensuring there is a core design idea, and a strong, relevant and extendable brand look, the next steps in your design are easier, because there’s no need to re-invent the design wheel.
Does the logo determine the design?
The brand idea determines the look of the logo. And the brand determines the look of the design. (For packaging, collateral, presentations and promotional materials.) The design development work can include the development of both at the same time, or through a stepped approach – first the logo, then the rest of the design and branding materials you require.
How much of a brief is required?
Good design and branding briefs aren’t measured by how much you put on a page, but how clear a path they provide the designers. The more we understand who will most likely buy the brand, and what sort of visual cues can help your product or service stand out from the crowd while remaining relevant, the more likely our brand designers can get to a right solution, faster.
What is your design process?
Each design challenge is different. However, whether the design is mainly for digital or more traditional channels (like packaging or brochures or sales collateral), we follow classic design and branding principles. We seek to understand the big picture and the vision – seeking to identify the barriers and challenges the design and brand will need to overcome. We then seek to understand the market motivators – what is the customer looking for. Then create brands, brand looks and design strategies which leverage those motivators in order to deliver long term brand success.
Is digital design more or less important?
Both. The design for your brand needs to be able to stretch across every channel – in every medium. The creative branding designers at The Creative Mill understand the power of brand consistency – of ensuring your communications and products and packaging all look instantly like you. So, you’re able to leverage the power of your brand, having people feel positive about your brand, your product, your offer, your service, wherever they see it. This helps you build powerful brand memories, and helps you build margin – and profit – into each sale.